How to manage your career

I met Ryan through his ideas and opinions. I commented on his blog posts and often disagreed. When I started my own blog, I linked to his, and often disagreed then too. In fact, Ryan was a big reason I established Modite; I felt like I had something to say, something different than was already being said.

The Gen Y blogging niche was small then, the quality blogs were much fewer, but it all exploded very quickly. At the center of it all were Ryan and Ryan at Employee Evolution and then Brazen Careerist. The exchange of ideas was powerful and exciting. Tightropes were walked, ideas were spun, and manifestos were formed with each click of the publish button.

The constant filtering and challenging of ideas accelerated learning, encouraged my dreams, and helped me form key relationships. These ideas and relationships are the reason for my last position, my current position, and why Ryan and I are together.

I knew Ryan long before we exchanged emails, long before we talked on the phone. And by the time Ryan and I met in person, everyone else around us disappeared, and I could only see him. Admittedly, he stands head and shoulders above everyone else – he’s really tall – but don’t scoff when I tell you it was just like a movie. My life changed in that moment.

And from that moment to this, I could not be more impressed and proud that Ryan, the co-founder of Brazen Careerist, is launching a new social and professional network for the Brazen site. Instead of relying on the traditional online resume approach of current job sites that showcase static experience and background, Brazen Careerist provides a platform for you to dynamically manage and enhance your professional identity.

Tech Crunch reports that the Brazen site offers “an environment where users can share their thoughts and activities alongside their resumes.” To fully leverage this environment, Brazen Careerist provides users with a host of opportunities to actively showcase their expertise and develop their network. Users can find and talk with people of similar interests, location or profession, engage in dialogue on career and life topics, and create and join groups that relate to their goals.

That is, your ideas are your value. Brazen allows you to level the playing field against more experienced candidates. And since I’ve been lucky enough to have my ideas already benefit my career and relationships by virtue of Brazen Careerist, I know this is only the beginning of how truly great Brazen will be.

What do you think? Can ideas be your resume? Does a professional network help your career?