Ask Me Anything

Last week I was inspired by Jess Lively, who opened her inbox to readers and runs my new favorite podcast, so I thought it would be fun and useful to do something similar – welcome to Ask Me Anything (AMA) day!

This is your chance to email me directly and ask any sort of question you might have.

Ask Me Anything Guidelines

1. Ask your question before tomorrow (Fri, 9/5) at 9:00 am ET.
2. Use the subject line “ASK ME ANYTHING” or “AMA.”
3. Ask your question in three sentences (or less) and I will respond back to you in three sentences (or less).

If you follow these three guidelines, I promise to get back to you with my response as soon as possible (probably within 24 hours, depending on the number of people who email).

You can ask me about careers, money, happiness, relationships, life, business – anything! 

And in return, I’ll do my best to give you my very best advice – within the three sentence framework – which may include links to ideas, books or resources that might be useful for you.

My email is rebecca(at)kontrary(dot)com and I look forward to answering your questions.

If you think I can serve you in some way, please reach out!

And remember, please follow the guidelines by sending the email before 9:00 am ET tomorrow morning and by stating your question in three sentences or less.