Bye, Bye Condo

What I think I’ll miss most about Madison is my condo. It’s 651 square feet of mine and I loved pulling it together over the past two years. Not to mention Ryan and I have many of our beginnings here (our first kiss! our first home!).

Front of condo building

Our condo is one of the smallest in the Capitol West building (and also the cheapest – hooray!). Prior to my condo, I lived in an apartment that was about 500 square feet so the extra space was luxurious. I didn’t want something much bigger for one, because of the obvious pricing reasons, and two it’s much harder to clean, and finally, environmental concerns make it important for me to live in a small footprint. 

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An Apartment with Provenance

These are photos from a Cobble Hill apartment in Brooklyn, home to the architects/designers behind Workstead. All of the pieces are meaningful in some way to the couple, have a rich history and a story to tell. The boyfriend had this lovely quote in the article:

“When I bring something home that’s new, or if I’m not sure where it came from, I find it loud, distracting,” Mr. Highsmith said.

via Seesaw via New York Times.

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Just strange enough…

Great furniture pieces from Studio Ziben in Berlin. I love that the weirdness in each of these pieces isn’t overwhelming, but adds a beautifully fun character to the modern designs and classic lines. Much of the time, designers who try to pull off this kind of work go over the top and you wouldn’t actually want to live with the pieces. But these, can’t you you just imagine looking over each day at your cabinet and giving a little smile?

PS – The first piece is called, “Monkey.”

via decor 8.

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Proportion, Placement & Pattern

The proportion, placement and pattern in this spacious, art-filled house on the West Side Highway are gorgeous. Owners and designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz are self-taught and have a show on Bravo. I’ve never seen it, but these photos are making me want to start.

via New York Social Diary.

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Old (Vintage) Stuff, Gorgeous

I’ve just spent a good amount of time browsing through Factory 20‘s selections. I’ve learned they are particularly adept at styling old (vintage) stuff, and making me want it desperately.

From top: Heavy Patina’d Steel Mutli-Drawer Cabinet, $920; Old Shamrock Vintage Industrial Elevated Laundry Bin, $345; Neo-Bauhaus Wall Mounted Wooden Coat Rack, $1070; Regent Balboa Portrait Wall Mirror, $480; Bus Station Waiting Room Clock, $465; Vintage Industrial Steel Laboratory Single Drawer Table/Desk, $885; Mammoth Green School Chalkboards, SOLD; High Victorian Articulate Accordion Beveled Oval Portrait Mirror, $535.

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Modern Light / Jan Eleni

By Jan Eleni via Decor8.

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Midcentury Modernized

Love this 900 sq ft place. And the color of the wall in the first photograph is very similar to the color of one of my walls. Whoop!

via New York Times.

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Sack Covered Sofa


These still act as neutrals even though they are printed. Reminds me a lot of these bags. And I like.

$1200 at The Old Cinema via Design Mom.

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A 178 Sq Ft foot in the door


bureau desk

Did you see this today in the New York Times? A young designer, Zach Motl, came to New York – before he knew he wanted to be a designer – and decorated his 178 square feet apartment.

He discovered a job at Robert Couturier & Associates, the upscale architecture and design firm as a junior designer. The ad stated applicants needed three years’ experience and knowledge of AutoCAD, the computer drafting program. Mr. Motl didn’t meet any of the requirements, but he did have pictures of his apartment.

And he got the job.

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Mr. Darcy Proposal


Pride and Prejudice fans will love this! Such sweet romance…

$11, Mr Darcy Proposal Dish Towel via Design Mom.

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Beautiful tapestries from dutch designer Nooosugar.

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Pure Love



Should this beautiful all-white house be in a row of other modern houses, it wouldn’t look twice as cool.

I am also adoring the Robert Indiana Love print. Ryan and I were in Philly recently for a wedding and got to see the statue from afar several times.

Via MadeByGirl.

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