Ryan made a delicious steak, baked potato and steamed broccoli dinner on Monday night. I joke that he only knows how to make four different meals, but to his credit, he can make those really well. We accompanied the meal with this bottle of wine and it too was really good. From the bottle: “this Napa Valley Cabarnet Sauvignon offers ripe fruit flavors of raspberries, black currants and succulent blackberries supported by medium tannins and a rich, smooth finish.”

I’m no wine connoisseur so that is the official description for you.

I would say it was a beautiful red-purple out of the bottle, and in your mouth.

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Lest you missed it…

This is an official White House photo of President Obama working on a speech, with all his edits up close and personal. Awesome, eh?

via Bobulate.

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This too shall pass / one-take video

You’re about to see this everywhere. So simply amazing. I’ve watched it three times in a row. You should too.

What others are saying:

This video, directed by James Frost, is flat-out incredible. OK Go spent several months with Synn Labs building a giant Rube Goldberg machine in a warehouse to create a new one-take video for the song This Too Shall Pass. I’m not sure how they will ever top this one, but that’s what I thought three videos ago.


For its latest video, released on YouTube Monday night, pop band OK Go recruited a gang of very talented engineers to build a huge, elaborate Rube Goldberg machine whose action perfectly meshes with the band’s song, “This Too Shall Pass,” from the band’s new album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky.

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The greatest thing since…

Taking notes can be super cute and delicious with the Sliced Bread Notebook. Packaged for convenience, each of the twelve slices has a corresponding number for each month. Ready to be devoured with your ideas…

By Burak Kaynak via Design is Mine.

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Paper Masquerade


I think it would be worth it to throw a masquerade party just to wear this paper owl mask. How gorgeous and fun!

Paper-Cut-Project via Oh Joy!

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Self-Promotional Calendar, c. 1970


Love the numbers on this 1970 self-promotional calendar designed by Terzostudio (Giorgio Tramontini) and how the bleed or smear into the next. Creates a sense of motion and time lapsing… wish it were for sale today!

via Grain Edit.

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Magic Curtain

A little magic to help Katie get dressed in the morning!

via Color Me Katie.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

$13, Dingbat Press Cards, $14, Tea Towels via Cup of Joe.

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Better Ideas

Cute little inspiration on how to push your ideas.


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Europe by Car


This kind of reminds me of my mother’s favorite movie, Two for the Road with Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney. Lovely, non?

via Grain Edit.

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Some Friday awesomeness.

via SwissMiss.

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London Map

Isn’t this the best map ever? The lines for the streets have been taken out leaving only the typography of the streets (click on it to see larger version).

Via Rob, Rambling.

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