Why Women are Poor and Jobless


The Atlantic wonders why the poor don’t go to work, and shows overwhelmingly that women don’t work for home or family reasons versus any other reason. “Are women staying home because they prefer to be mothers, or because they can’t find jobs that pay enough to make working a financially viable choice, once the cost of family care is factored in?” asks columnist Jordan Weissmann.

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What Do Black People Want? Opening a Dialogue on Racism and Privilege

This a guest post from Ramou Sarr.

One of the most frustrating aspects about discussions of race, racism and privilege, is that you are never quite sure when you are finished. The resolution is dissonant and it can be disheartening to trudge through so much emotion but emerge sans resolution. One party – the White party – is often left wondering what exactly it is that the other party – the Black party – wants from them.

White privilege is a set of unearned privileges that one benefits from because they are White. It is both a favored state of one race over another as well as a systematic conferred dominance of one race over another.

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