6 Productive Ways to Avoid the 3 PM Slump

Three o’clock in the afternoon: the time when you can barely keep your eyes open, let alone get any work done. If you’re struggling with motivation, take heart that there are more options besides staring off into the distance. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about six ways to stay productive during your afternoon slump. 

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6 Ways to Build Your Network Online

Whether you’re making a career change or trying to find potential clients to add to your pipeline, networking is your best strategy for success. You don’t have to leave your office to get started; use online networks to meet and connect with the right people immediately. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about six ways to build your network online.

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How to Do Work that Gets You Noticed

Don’t get passed over for the next raise or promotion at work. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about seven strategies to do work that gets you noticed. You’ll find effective and efficient ways to get the job done, and discover how to prepare for a successful climb up the career ladder.

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5 Reasons Meetings Don’t Actually Suck

Too often meetings are unproductive. Employees complain about the lack of agenda, the fact that nothing gets accomplished and the time it takes to complete. But meetings can be positive and—dare I say it—they can also be fun. Over at US News & World Report today, I talk about the five reasons to get excited when your next meeting is called to order.

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How to Achieve Inbox Zero

I am an inbox zero fanatic. I like organization, and no clutter – at home and at the office. As a result, I manage to clear all my emails every few days. Over at US News and World Report today, I share the five strategies I use to do it. Read it here.

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5 Healthy Habits for Productive Work

Did you know? Healthy employees are nearly three times more productive at work, which translates to 140 working hours versus 45 working hours. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about five healthy habits to build your productivity and career. Read it here.

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6 Apps Guaranteed to Increase Your Productivity

You might know about Dropbox, Evernote, and Highrise. But do you know about the next generation of apps poised to help you in the workplace and grow your business? Over at US News and World Report, I suggest six apps that are guaranteed to increase your productivity and maybe even help save your sanity.

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7 Productivity Traps for High-Performers to Avoid

As high-performers, we enjoy getting things done and relish the act of crossing items off our to-do list. But it’s easy to get stuck in the feeling of productivity, without actually doing anything productive. Over at US News and World Report today, I reveal the seven productivity traps you need to avoid.

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How to Do Work You Normally Procrastinate

When I procrastinate a lot, it’s usually a sure-fire sign that my priorities have shifted, and my to-do list hasn’t caught up yet.  Alas, the task still needs to get done!  Over at US News and World Report recently, I shared my ten fail-safe strategies to avoid procrastination. Read it here, then share what works for you to stop procrastination in the comments.

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Are Meetings Passé?

Meetings are a dying breed of face-to-face engagement that have taken on more angst, agony and abuse in recent years than even the lowly cubicle.

“There’s nothing more toxic to productivity than a meeting,” Jason Fried argues, author of the best-selling book, Rework, “They break your work day into small, incoherent pieces that disrupt your natural workflow. They often contain at least one moron that inevitably gets his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense… The goal is to avoid meetings. Every minute you avoid spending in a meeting is a minute you can get real work done instead.”

Did you get that?

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Re-Thinking Workaholism

“Work is the only thing which makes life endurable to me,” Charles Darwin wrote, later remarking that work was his “sole enjoyment in life.” Darwin’s work allowed him to withdraw from the world to concentrate entirely on his genius.

Burying yourself in work is so ingrained and glorified in our culture to survive, that nowhere is safe, even the previously safe haunts of creativity where the tradition of daydreaming and an idle nature were once protected rights. Such inefficiencies are now subject to intense bright-lights examination.

One ad agency describes the process they went through to obtain ISO 5000, a certification previously reserved only for factory lines and manufacturing.

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