Button-Down Wednesday

Okay, really, it could be button-down any day. But I agree with the writers over at ShopBop, that this is a great casual Spring look. Here’s what she writes:

In the summer, most of my Saturday afternoons are spent on a sunny coffee shop patio with a cup and a book. An oversized chambray button-down thrown on over a print skirt is just the kind of effortless style this laid-back activity deserves.

I, of course, would wear this to work, but hey, that’s what happens at Midwest start-ups.

$156, Dallin Chase Birsch Shirt.

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Marimekko Prints

Large prints seem to be a big trend for Spring. I’m especially loving the yellow and pink dress with those shoes! Ah, it’s always the shoes.

by Marimekko via Fly.

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This, I want this to be my style

Sans cigarette and tattoo, of course.

by The Satorialist.

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Starring in a Movie of His Own Life

I just loved this photo and Sartorialist’s description:

I love how Milanese gentlemen move like they are the star of their own film.

Such swagger. Such intrigue.

This isn’t about fashion or even style but about creating an impact on the viewer.

A visual seduction.

I’m pretty sure that’s how we should decide to dress each day – with swagger, intrigue and seduction.

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May 28th Watches

Elastic bands and yet totally mod. Loving these.

$39 each at May 28th Watches.

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Alexander Wang / Spring

I’m particularly coveting the outfit in the middle.

Spring ’10 Collection from Alexander Wang.

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Fall ’10 Collection from Sublet via Wilkstenmade.

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Ringmaster Trench

Gorgeous yellow trench for Spring. I would wear this every Monday.

$478, Ringmaster Twill Trench at Leifsdottir.

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Fashion in some people’s eyes…

“Fashion in some people’s eyes is very untouchable and super-indulgent,” he said. “For me, it’s just clothes to be worn. And at the end of the day, the point is to sell the product.”

– Alexander Wang, Fashion Designer via The New York Times.

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$278, Denpasur Dress; $158, Corset Camisole; $188, Kyoto Parasol Skirt at Leifsdottir.

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Cali Style

Really reasonably-priced trendy basics from California.

$30 -$58, by Lamixx via Nonpareil.

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Go for Gold


$245, Go for Gold Booties at Anthropolgie.

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