Things to Do

Take a Walk Through the Smithsonian

Ryan and I have been trying to do something new around DC every weekend since I’m new to the City. A couple weekends ago, we went to the National Archives to see the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, and this past Saturday we went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery. It was a beautiful day, and lucky for us, there were some great exhibitions.

I took some photos with my iPhone – won’t you take a tour with me?


Several of the exhibits had quotes painted on the walls to help you understand the surrounding art.

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079 - Copy

We made it to the East Coast! While we’re putting the finishing touches on settling into the new city, I wanted to share this photo from one of the last things we did in the Midwest – a visit to the pumpkin patch! It was right in the middle of all the moving mania, and Ryan and I drove to Illinois to visit my mother. It ended up being the perfect relaxing break. Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet?

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So Wicked


What are you doing this weekend, my dears?

Ryan and I saw Wicked last night as one of our last Madison excursions. It was beyond good, particularly because the woman who played Elphaba had an amazing voice. Do you like Broadway shows? We have so much to do for the move and work and life that before the show I was willing to cancel our date and pack. Or sleep.

But Ryan insisted we go – even though the poor guy is just as stressed – and I’m glad we did. I was bouncing off the walls when we returned. Sometimes we forget how essential a bit of fun is for energy.

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Mighty Summit

Here are some photos of my time spent at the Mighty Summit.  Since some of the top lifestyle bloggers and women in media were in attendance, it was important to me that do something unique as part of our sponsorship.

The women at the Mighty Summit had all put together life lists of the things they want to do before they go. Having read many of the lists and been inspired and entertained, we decided it would be great to do something that paid homage to their goals and their wit.

I worked with our Creative Director to create the limited edition prints you see below.

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Take a Walk Through the Woods

I had such a good time in California’s wine country this weekend for’s sponsorship of Mighty Summit (Summit photos coming soon). I haven’t traveled alone in some time and was quite nervous. But I found that once I got off the roller coaster that is California’s highway 101, I gained some confidence in doing it all by myself.

It was so restfully quiet during the weekend as well… particularly along the Russian river and in the Armstrong Redwood State Reserve where my footsteps sounded like fireworks on the forest floor.

Won’t you take a walk through the redwoods with me?

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Arm Wrestle a Bouncer in DC? Check.

What are you doing this weekend, dear readers?

Last weekend, Ryan and I went to DC (more on that later), and I arm wrestled this bouncer. Seriously, the guy was huge. I am happy I won.

This weekend, I’m going to California’s wine country, since Alice is one of the sponsors of Mighty Summit. I get to meet some of the most amazing bloggers from sites like Dooce and Chookooloonks and Knotty Yarn and the Spohrs are Multiplying. Whee! I’m so excited.

It’s fitting to talk about arm wrestling bouncers because the bloggers have all put together life lists of what they want to do before they go, and they include all the normal things, but also things like “Have a giant food fight,” and “Wear a sequin bikini to Carnival in Trinidad.”

I think I’ll fit right in…

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Taste of Madison

I refuse to accept that it is Fall in Madison, because that means Winter is on it’s way. But yesterday Fall was trying real hard and it was a beautiful crisp and cold day for the Taste of Madison. I was a bit under the weather, but after being a hermit all day, I had to get out. Particularly because I spent most of the day watching all the people out our window migrate en masse to the Capitol Square. Ryan and I were planning not to eat anything – just go for a little walk – but oh the smells…


There was a lot of these sights and aromas floating directly to your nose and stomach.

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Visit Paddy’s at Misqaumicut Beach


Before celebrating Barbara’s birthday, we all came to the Misquamicut Beach on Rhode Island to relax. So if you ever find yourself there, you absolutely must go to Paddy’s. Besides having some of best lobster risotto ever, they also serve drinks in these delightful glasses… that you get to keep! I can’t wait to use Mr. Monkey again.

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Celebrating a 60th Birthday!

It was Ryan’s mom’s 60th birthday last week (hi, Barbara!) and we went to Connecticut to celebrate. His father Jack threw a huge party in Barbara’s honor, but I managed to sneak in these photos in the calm before all the guests arrived of just the Healy family and some neighbor kids.

Party preparations:



The birthday girl and my fellow virgo:


Big Jack:


Stocking the bar:


Ryan’s Aunt Alicia:


Ryan’s Brother Dan:


Delicious ceviche:


Flowers out and about:


Ryan and his dad:


Grandma Bee:


The Babenco women:


John, the neighbor boy:


Everyone ready?


My favorite of Ryan:


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Concert on the Square

Concert on the Square

Concert on the Square is over for the summer but is a favorite tradition in Madison. The chance to be quiet , to talk , to be with each other face-to-face, not have to talk if you don’t want to or can’t – the chance to listen, to indulge in a bottle of wine, cheese and dinner.

Does your city have any great summer traditions?

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Friday Night Movie

Ryan and I are easily entertained, so movie critics we are not. However, it’s rare that he will admit to liking chick flicks (even though he will chuckle and hold me tight at all the right parts). But we both really enjoyed New York, I Love You.

I wasn’t expecting much (I guess it’s based off of Paris, Je T’aime which is supposedly fantastic), and we watched it last Friday night in. I loved the vignettes by different filmmakers, and felt like I had gotten a glimpse into each character’s life, kind of like how you imagine a person’s life in the moments they walk by you on the street.

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For the 4th of July weekend, Ryan and I went to Taliesin in Spring Green, WI, which was Frank Lloyd Wright’s home during the summer months. This was my third time there. I wrote a bit about my fascination with Wright here. We weren’t allowed to take interior shots, but I took some good exterior photos using my iPhone camera.


This is Romeo and Juliet in the background.


The meandering entrance to the Taliesin home.


Back of the house.


Some of the gardens. This is looking towards Wright’s bedroom.


You get a bit of the sense of how the house is built into the hill here.

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