Your 3-Hour Life

A survey of 483 executives, managers, and professionals “found that 60% of those those who carry smartphones for work are connected to their jobs… for about 72 hours,” a week reports Harvard Business Review. Assuming those people do sleep for at least seven and a half hours “that leaves only three hours a day Monday-Friday for them to do everything else (e.g.

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Does Marissa Mayer have an Ambition Gap?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has a vision for the company, and we have a vision for her. Does Marissa Mayer have an ambition gap? Listen to the podcast here:

Transcript of this podcast:

Earlier this month, Comscore released numbers that showed, for the first time since 2011, Yahoo beat Google in traffic; Yahoo’s unique visitors were up by roughly 20% compared to July of last year, when the company came in third behind Google and Microsoft. For Marissa Mayer, it’s a success as one of the most scrutinized CEOs in America.

Hello and welcome to Kontrary, a different take on work and life.

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Opting Out of Climbing the Career Ladder

It was five weeks ago when my boss and I were sitting in a coffee shop and I told him I wanted to transition out of my position. The words kind of slipped out. I was mentally exhausted and tired. While certainly there were parts of my job – and people too – that I enjoyed, there wasn’t a day that passed where I didn’t think, “This isn’t what I want to do.”

Last Friday was my last day of work.

I wasn’t planning to quit, really. It seemed right to suck it up and keep going. It seemed responsible.

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When to Quit Your Job

Not sure when to leave your job? A bad day could be just that, or it could signal the breaking point. Over at US News & World Report today, I talk about some good reasons to quit your job, and help you learn the six signs that show you should sever ties – for good.

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5 Reasons Meetings Don’t Actually Suck

Too often meetings are unproductive. Employees complain about the lack of agenda, the fact that nothing gets accomplished and the time it takes to complete. But meetings can be positive and—dare I say it—they can also be fun. Over at US News & World Report today, I talk about the five reasons to get excited when your next meeting is called to order.

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Should you bake cupcakes for your interview?

People are willing to try anything to stand out nowadays, but baking cupcakes probably shouldn’t be one of your strategies. Over at Brazen Careerist today, I talk about the pros and cons of using gimmicks in the job-search, and how you can really separate yourself from the crowd. Read it here.

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