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10 Reasons to Job-Hop in Your Career

Gen Y came out of school exploring one job to the next, but when the recession hit, many said the days of job-hopping were over. However, there’s no reason to be scared into longevity at your current position. Over at Brazen Careerist, I explore the ten reasons to keep job-hopping. Read it here.

Should you bake cupcakes for your interview?

People are willing to try anything to stand out nowadays, but baking cupcakes probably shouldn’t be one of your strategies. Over at Brazen Careerist today, I talk about the pros and cons of using gimmicks in the job-search, and how you can really separate yourself from the crowd. Read it here.

5 Ways to Succeed as a Multi-Passionate Careerist

Discovering your career purpose is tough work, especially when you have multiple interests. Too many choices, the feeling of potentially missing out and the inability to decide can all act as roadblocks to finding that elusive dream job. Over at Brazen Careerist today, I talk about the five ways you can succeed, even as a multi-passionate careerist. Read it here.

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans in 3 Months

At the beginning of this year, I got a side job and paid off my student loan debt in three months, after spending almost six years making the minimum payments. If I had kept making the minimum payments, it would have taken me something ridiculous like 10 years to pay them off. Over at Brazen Careerist today, I reveal how I did it. Read it here.