13 steps to a must-have talent

I have two talents in the wintertime. One is my ability to walk in high heels on the ice and snow. The other is to make three-dimensional snowflakes. Which has everything to do with Generation Y and leadership. Trust me.

Okay, maybe not. But look for a post on how social media affects Generation Y leadership on Friday. In the meantime, enjoy the snowfall!

While at my mother’s house for the holidays, I demonstrated how to make these snowflakes in thirteen easy steps:

1. Gather the materials (2 pieces of white paper, a pair of scissors, and scotch tape).

Step 1

2. Cut six equal-sized squares from the paper.

Step 2

3. Fold each square on the diagonal to create a large triangle (shown), and then again to create a small triangle.

Step 3

4. Cut four equal-spaced slits towards the fold, being careful not to cut through the fold.

Step 4

5. Don’t say no to outside help.

Step 5

6. After cutting six pieces, open each square completely.

Step 6

7. Bring the middle of one square together, and tape the ends together. Turn the piece over, and bring the next inner set together and tape the ends together (shown).

Step 7

8. Repeat until an entire diamond segment is complete.

Step 8

9. Repeat on the other pieces until all six diamonds are complete.

Step 9

10. Tape three diamonds together, taping first on the sides, and then bringing the three pieces together in the middle.

Step 10

11. Repeat for the remaining three diamonds, and bring each half of the snowflake together.

Step 11

12. Tape the two halves together, first in the middle (shown), then on each of the sides.

Step 12

13. Hang your completed snowflake with cheer, and enjoy!

Step 13

Happy Winter!