What does my voice sound like? And what does yours?

I’m so excited to tell you about two things:

1) Hear my voice. If there was ever a way for you to get the New Year started off right, this is it. Andrew Rondeau has interviewed me as part of his Great Successful People package. There are 41:50 minutes worth of me talking and I give some good advice, if I do say so myself. And I even talk about you, my dear reader!

I’m not the only person interviewed, however. Others include John Kotter, Penelope Trunk, Ben Casnocha, Scot Herrick, and oh-so-many more. PLUS, Andrew has a great British accent that is much fun to listen to.

All of the interviews are available for a discounted price before February 15, and Andrew has kindly offered to share his profits with the interviewees, so support me by checking out Great Successful People today >

2) Develop your voice. The third issue of Personal Branding Magazine is also out, which I again helped to edit. Dan Schawbel, personal-brand-expert-extraordinare, has put together a great collection of articles, and the third issue is a huge improvement over the first and second (which were also great).

This issue is focused on brand influencers, and includes articles from several of my blogging friends like Ryan Healy at Employee Evolution and Tiffany Monhollon of Personal PR. Check it out>

Thank you for supporting both projects!