Work/life balance

Why Women are Poor and Jobless


The Atlantic wonders why the poor don’t go to work, and shows overwhelmingly that women don’t work for home or family reasons versus any other reason. “Are women staying home because they prefer to be mothers, or because they can’t find jobs that pay enough to make working a financially viable choice, once the cost of family care is factored in?” asks columnist Jordan Weissmann.

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Your 3-Hour Life

A survey of 483 executives, managers, and professionals “found that 60% of those those who carry smartphones for work are connected to their jobs… for about 72 hours,” a week reports Harvard Business Review. Assuming those people do sleep for at least seven and a half hours “that leaves only three hours a day Monday-Friday for them to do everything else (e.g.

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5 Tips for Working While Traveling

Working while traveling, whether you’re on a business trip or trying to sneak in a bit of work while on vacation, can be incredibly productive and focused. Without office or home distractions, your efficiency can often go into overdrive. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about five tips to maximize your productivity while traveling.

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10 Reasons Employees Work from Home

The nature of work is changing, and many employees are flocking from their bed to their desk in the next room to start the day. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about the 10 reasons knowledge workers choose to work from home. Read it here.

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5 Healthy Habits for Productive Work

Did you know? Healthy employees are nearly three times more productive at work, which translates to 140 working hours versus 45 working hours. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about five healthy habits to build your productivity and career. Read it here.

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You Don’t Want to Work from Home

While most of us dream about working from home, many who have experience with telecommuting discover it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And once you start the challenges can start to outweigh the benefits. Over at US News and World Report, I talk about five issues to look out for, and how to mitigate the damage.

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When You Both Work: 10 Ways to Balance Love & Career

When both partners in a relationship work, it can be difficult to balance love with career. Modern romance often means no one is home to make dinner, and quality time can be hard to find. Over at US News and World Report today, I talk about the ten ways to still find success as a couple while pursuing a career.

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5 Choices that Can Advance Your Career

You may have the right skills and work ethic to advance your career, but if you don’t pay attention to certain x-factors, you’ll be pushing a boulder up a mountain. Working hard means nothing if you aren’t making the important decisions. Over at US News and World Report today, I talk about the five decisions you need to make.

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work on Vacation

At some point, working on vacation came to be expected. Did you notice? Work goes on without you, however, and no one is so important that you can’t take two weeks off (if you are, you’re doing it wrong). Over at US News & World Report today, I discuss ten reasons why you shouldn’t work on vacation. 

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Women: Change Motherhood, Not Just the Workplace

In her cover story in the Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” Anne-Marie Slaughter proposes workplace changes in an effort to balance the impossible juggle of career, life, and motherhood.

The problem is, there’s still a lot more up in the air.

Slaughter argues women can have it all – assuming that America’s economy, society, and men just get their heads on straight. She proposes we change the culture of face-time in business, integrate family values into the workplace, and regain work/life balance. Such policies, she says, would enable women to find some sanity.

And she’s right, women can have it all, but we can’t do it all.

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